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Story of our School

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Our History

A motion passed in 1967-68 by the Drummond Township School Area Board, to close the small schools in the area and to build a large school which would be central for the children in the township. A ten acre field in Drummond Centre was purchased and on this property was built a school which consisted of eight classrooms, a staff room, a library, a health room, a gymnasium, a kitchen, offices and change rooms, as well as washrooms and supply rooms.

In June of 1968 the following rural schools closed their doors:

S. S. No. 3 2 nd Line S. S. No. 13 Drummond Centre

S. S. No. 8 Wayside S. S. No. 15 McIlquahm’s

S. S. No. 9 Code’s S. S. No. 16 Prestonvale

S. S. No. 11 Balderson S. S. No. 17 Innisville

S. S. No. 12 McGarry’s S. S. No. 18 Knowles

These building were later sold and turned into homes except for one, Innisville, which has been turned into a museum. In September 1968, the shiny new school was ready for students.

The first staff consisted of:

Principal: Mr. Walter Kane

Grade 1: Mrs. Carmel Fergusson Grade 5: Mrs. Bertha Livingstone

Grade 2: Mrs. Gladys Thomas Grade 6: Mrs. Verna Montgomery

Grade 3: Mrs. Dorothy Cavanagh Grade 7: Mrs. Laura Thomson

Grade 4: Mrs. Lila McFarlane Grade 8: Mrs. Edythe Moulton/Mr. Kane

Music: Mr. Robert Adamson Art: Mrs. Renals

Secretary: Mrs. Connie Ebbs Custodians: Alan and Marion Wedenmaier

January 17, 1969 marked the official opening of the school with a large crowd with many dignitaries attending, including trustees, John C. Ebbs – Chairman, William J. L. Playfair, J. Barrie Frizell, Thomas J. James, Gordon D. McIntosh, W. Keith McLaren and Lloyd M. Knowles, Secretary-Treasurer and George M. Nobes, Area Superintendent.

The first year saw the building of the garage, donation of plaques and trophies to honor outstanding achievement in various areas, and the graduation of eighteen grade eight students.

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